Learning languages ​​through the skin - study by the University of Mainz & expert opinion Spanish training

Current study by the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

The EEG measurements of the current study at the University of Mainz have been completed and evaluated. Here is the first statement after the completion of the EEG measurements:
"After completing and evaluating all EEG measurements, we would be happy to specifically confirm the results of the EEG measurements on the effect of the KOSYS language learning system neoos®. A 10-minute application of the tested language learning program is sufficient to activate brain areas that are related to the processing of linguistic information.
The EEG data show that Wernicke's area, which is responsible for sensory language processing (speech understanding), is also activated. This is a plausible result, since the subjects in the current study receive the language passively. Furthermore, the working memory and attention center is activated in the front area of ​​the brain (front).
Working memory is important for maintaining incoming information, similar to a computer's working memory, so that it is available for further information processing operations and can be integrated. Below is an image of the EEG results. Shown are the activation sources in the brain that occur through the use of the KOSYS language learning program neoos®.”

Dr. Diana Henz, neuroscientist at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

You can get an overview of the structure of the study in the following video with Dr. Diana Henz:

On the history of neoos® and scientific verifiability - the active principle was tested by Josua Kohberg from the beginning of basic research and prototype development in the years 1997 to 1999 and its effectiveness was consistently verified again and again. The first electroencephalographic recordings were made in March 2001 with several models from the first stage of development, which scientifically demonstrated the effectiveness of hearing through the skin® for the first time.
Since entering the market in 2000, more than 50 studies, application observations and a wide variety of biofeedback measurements have been carried out with the proven technology of the neoos®. On the basis of all these research results, the effectiveness has been verified and the development of our technology has been ensured.

Expert opinion Spanish training

In 2017, the most interesting scientific study to date on Hearing via the Skin® started at the University of Mainz. The research team around Prof. Schöllhorn and Dr. With one of the most modern EEG procedures in Europe, Henz was able to prove the effectiveness of the neoos® again and again. You can also find detailed information on the research results here in the blog under neoos® study at the University of Mainz.

The result was – to put it modestly – simply brilliant. Josua Kohberg said: "Of course, the result was predictable for us, nothing that we didn't know in advance. We have received this feedback from thousands of enthusiastic customers for years. And it's still a different story to get such a clear, scientifically sound and unambiguous statement from a renowned university." The result of the scientific study in a few words: "Yes, hearing through the skin® works with the neoos®."

For the research team around Prof. Schöllhorn and Dr. Henz, however, were so amazed by the results that an exciting proposal came up immediately after the conclusion of the investigation. The team didn't "just" want to measure brain activity, but also wanted to test the whole thing in a practical language course. For this we organized a Spanish language course with 14 students, who should normally learn Spanish for four semesters in the classic way. An expert opinion was drawn up for this language course and the results are just as revolutionary as the function of the neoos®.
With less than 35 active hours of training, the students achieved the same result - sometimes even better results - compared to 4 semesters of Spanish studies. This means that here 200 hours of active instruction (plus practice time at home) can be provided over two years against 35 hours over three months.
In the graphic above you will find a comparison of the active time commitment. In order to reach level A2, you invest 400+ hours in a classic evening school, 200+ hours in your studies and in a very expensive business coaching it is still 176 hours. With a KOSYS language training, the active learning time is reduced to 35 to 40 hours. And even if you should need 50 to 60 hours, the benchmark is still clearly visible.
Of course, the result is not 1:1 comparable, because you actually hear the language passively through your skin for more than 450 hours within the three months of training. This result clearly shows the massive effect of passively recording speech via neoos®. And best of all - the 450 hours of passive listening just happen on the side. It doesn't cost you a minute of your valuable time to use the neoos® day after day and thus put your stay abroad directly on your skin.

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