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How does language learning work through the skin?

neoos® 11

The neoos® 11 is an ultrasonic generator whose frequencies allow you to hear through your skin and thus internalize new languages ​​particularly quickly. It all started in the late 1990s when KOSYS™ founder and neuroscientist Josua Kohberg realized that hearing a language every day is the key to learning it quickly. In 1997 he started the development of today's neoos® 11 because he absolutely wanted to “hear” the new language for several hours a day without having to invest any extra time.

So he began to explore the idea of ​​bone conduction, because he already knew that bones could conduct audio information. After evaluating more than 800 patents, it turned out that there is much more than bone conduction: the conduction of ultrasound frequencies through the skin. And this assignment is much more exciting and diverse!
Passive language learning simply works on the side

The technique

The functionality of the neoos® 11 is based on the principle of “hearing through the skin®” – a concept that people usually react to with skepticism at first. But anyone who has ever heard the characteristic “click” of dolphins can confirm that the neoos® method works. Because dolphins communicate mainly in the ultrasonic range, a frequency range of 100,000 to 200,000 Hz, which is actually inaudible to human ears.

But why do we still hear the sounds of the marine mammals? Because our largest organ, the skin, can absorb the sound waves transported by the water. The perception of ultrasound frequencies through the skin was first scientifically examined and confirmed in 1991. The ultrasonic frequencies, which cannot be heard by the inner ear, propagate through the body, are transmitted by our vestibular system and processed as an audible impulse via the auditory nerve. The frequencies used by neoos® are compatible with the human body and can therefore be absorbed through the skin.

The neoos® 11

Your turbocharger for passive language learning

Pink noise

Pink noise is a broadband signal and contains all frequencies that are audible to the human ear. The application leads to a balancing of the cerebral hemispheres within only 8 to 12 minutes. This stimulation of the nervous system can be compared to a sound massage. The effect of the pink noise leads to a significantly accelerated regeneration, a promotion of the self-healing powers, an increase in concentration and a higher receptivity.

Ultrasonic frequencies

The Neoos® 11 generates frequencies in the range from 30,000 to 144,000 Hertz, which are based on the bandwidth that occurs in nature. Not only the human nervous system vibrates in these ranges - the animal world (e.g. bats, dolphins) uses such frequencies for communication. Therefore we speak of biocompatible frequencies that have been proven to be beneficial and balancing because they can resonate with the body. On this basis, physical and mental activities can be balanced.

Audio tracks

The training is processed into audio tracks that sound like a rippling brook. This serves to mask the content, through which one unconsciously perceives the content several times. This is comparable to the situation in a restaurant. You are talking to the person opposite and at the same time other people are speaking, whose conversations you do not consciously hear, but still unconsciously perceive. And it is precisely this effect that the audio track of the Neoos® 11 uses.

GEDANKENtanken speech

Awesome learning about the skin

Josua Kohberg is an expert in neuroscience and brain-friendly learning. In the lecture he reveals why we hear through the skin. In addition, the developer of the neoos® explains how our brain works when we learn new languages.

Interested in the method?

With brain-friendly language training, you will learn every new language just as easily as your mother tongue. You didn't even realize you were learning the language. It just happened". Why? I will explain that to you in the free webinar.
“I was able to experience Vera F. Birkenbihl live in the 90s and your idea of ​​passive learning stayed with me. When it came to brushing up on my English, she was the first thing that came to mind. I started researching, came across the neoos® and voilà, I was right in the middle of it, in a world of learning that was very familiar to me.”
Yvette Reinberger


“Josua Kohberg's system convinced me on three levels. First – improving my language skills in a very short time. Second – the pleasant and clearly noticeable chill effect. Third – the time saving. Basically, I can use the neoos almost anywhere and parallel to other activities.”
Veit Lindau

Speaker and author

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"The neoos helps me to concentrate better and since I've been using it regularly, I've learned my Spanish vocabulary twice as fast. It's great because it saves me a lot of homework time and allows me to do things that are really fun :). I also find it great for relaxing after a hard day, my neoos helps me to switch off, calm down and fall asleep.”
Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle



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Learning languages ​​through the skin

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